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Do you know me? Chances are, you came across this site because you entered "Paul Egan" into a search engine. If you are wondering, I'm the Paul Egan from Huyton in Liverpool, UK. I'm now living in the West End of Glasgow, Scotland, UK. I'd really appreciate any contact from old friends and acquaintaces - email me at the address above or sign my Guestbook in Paul's Pleasure Pad.


News about Paul Egan and this site

July 2007

Benbecula 2007George and Sarah tie the knot... a smashing excuse to get smashed, and do a bit of fishing to the bargain. Grab a glimse of the action here...

June 2002 - January 2007

Emu - down under 2007On the road again... with only emus and roos to fraternize with - or eat. Managing not to be dickheads and swerving, the Great Ocean Road to Flinders Ranges is recorded here for posterity.

T in the Park 2006Getting deep with James Holden, sassy with Goldfrapp and soaking wet with the Chilis. It's T in the Park 2006. They don't do a bad chips and cheese, either... Snapshop.

Paris June 2006Paris swelters in the Spring. During the day drink vin under the shadow of the tower, at dusk eat cous-cous and in the early hours cycle the Parisienne boulevards. Photos.

Chris Barrett"I hear there's 4 boys fishing the island this March - they must be craaazy!" Determined, certainly. One unlucky brown trout was consumed. Delicious. Follow our seven days here...

Paris 2006The young Parisians really are so French. I should know, I spent Hogmanay with them. Getting eleven of them into Olivier's flat was the challenge. Mission accomplished.

South UistIts quicker to get to Florida and you're definitely not gonna bronze at this time of year, but where else could you get a "Failte" as warm as this?

Adios Anth and MazWhere can you find James Brown, Dolly Parton, Stevie Wonder, Madonna, David Bowie, and Flava Flav all in the same room getting on like a house on fire? Adios Anth & Maz!

Chris and The MatadorHonest, it WAS that big - I swear! Fishing is bloody hard work. What can we do after all this wholesome stuff? I know, let's go to the pub... For the record.

Pictures of MoscowHappy Birthday to me... Flying out the The Republic of Hedonism sounds like a good idea. Why not? Any anyway, you don't get a thumping hangover from good vodka... Pictures of Moscow here...

Loren's birthday in TullochPlanet-rover Lauren wanted to celebrate her day of birth. What better venue than a railway station in the middle of nowhere? The only gatecrashers were the midges and a random Belgian bloke. Photos this way...

Poker NightStick on the Scott Joplin, grab a cigar and a trilby hat and get the cards out. Beware of the self-proclaimed "fledgelings"... they're probably not!
Witness it here.

Simon at Amy's partyGiving your Edinburgh flat an inaugaral increase in temperature by inviting the Glasgow posse along is highly recommended. Amy Copsey did just that... The next night the hungover boys managed to keep it up for Rob's Stag Night ...

Eileen Donan on the road to Skye

Brrrrrr. It's chilly up north. But spectacular and certainly worth the trip - unless you have vertigo that is... look out for The Bad Step... aaaargh. Pics here.

Byron BaySpending time upside down in Oz. An excercise in indulgence. Fine food, fine weather and fine ladies. What more could you ask for? Some snaps from the 3 weeks logged here.

Jura Music Festival 2004September weekend... some go to Blackpool, but those with a love of rain and good music go to Jura... Some sunshine was caught on camera though...

Summer gets going in true Rio de Jeniro style with The West End Festival. Belle & Seb in the Botanics and Zuba in the road...

Festival snaps..

Afro - Tanya's partyOur Ausiie pal Tanya is saying farewell to Scotland after 2 years. The wigs return as we say 'bon voyage'...

The snaps...

At the end of the day it was my birthday on the 29th of this month. All I've had so far is a postcard from Ireland...

And the Groove Kitchen gets its own website...

Ali and Johnny get marriedMy wee sis finally tied the knot and Ali & Johnny now have a web site to celebrate the great event on April 5th...

CV updated to reflect my present positioning in life! Blogger added.

Wigs and moustachesJoanne finally leaves her palace and throws a champagne fuelled wigs and moustache event...

Parm and Paul Nayar chill in BrelThe events of the festive season and all evidence will be published here in pictures. Starting in very civilised fashion at Brel...

The Ginja Room goes live! (see below)

John gets a lick from Debbie on the way to Olivier's flat warming. Click here for more...Janet's visit to Glasgow is celebrated by a trip to The Soundhaus. Kate's cleavage is definitely the star of the show....

Tiger Tiger gallery added.

Smiley Pete and me at Jamie's hallowe'en party...
Jamie's Hallowe'en Party
gallery added. Also, a short film about 28 Days Later.


Gary Ramsay's birthday bash - Click here!Mull, Staffa and Iona trip added to galleries. Gigantic Ego spawns its first two galleries: Cycling Islay and West Highland Way. Gary's Birthday Bash added.

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The Ginja Room. Jamie Maitland shows off his photography collection online...

This Is JaneThis Is Jane
Jane Mitchell with the latest news and chat

Alison Egan at
Alison Egan is my sister and this is her web site...

The Secret World of Spooky SueThe Secret World of Spooky Sue
Tarot via email

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Beauty therapy by Selina

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South UistSouth Uist - everything you ever wanted to know about South Uist but were too afraid to ask Eoghan.

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All about Dave and Djembe...

Azzle 2003 - shows us her visual imagary.

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Olivier's site with photos and tales of his trip around Scotland...